Small Group Touring

Picture a touring holiday which delves that bit deeper. One that doesn’t simply drop by top sights and major cities – but invites you to see a destination through the eyes of the people who know it best: the locals who call it home. Where journeys are made for absorbing never-to-be-forgotten views, not darting from A to B. And each day ends in a cherry-picked boutique retreat loaded with local charm.

At Back-Roads Touring, we’ve spent over 25 years creating these kinds of small group tours. So we know that the best kind of adventure is one that introduces you to immersive experiences and sights that last a lifetime – then gives you the time and space to explore.

The key ingredient? Experienced guides who can turn an exciting getaway into something truly extraordinary. Telling you the stories and secrets behind stately homes as you wander the corridors. Showing you the perfect position to see the sun set over a city skyline. And pointing you towards the exact patch of coastline where you can try oysters, straight off the boat.

And all the while, you can be confident that your Back-Roads tour is being run responsibly and with sustainable tourism in mind. In fact, our commitment to green practices has awarded us a Silver Green Tourism rating.

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Corners of Cornwall

Cornwall 26th Sep 2020
London 6 nights
Back-Roads Touring £1,664.00
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Corners of Southern Ireland

Southern Ireland 23rd Apr 2020
Dublin 5 nights
Back-Roads Touring £1,349.00
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Discover Portugal

Portugal 17th Aug 2020
Lisbon 6 nights
Back-Roads Touring £2,240.00
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In the Foothills of the Himalaya

In the Foothills of the Himalaya 23rd Sep 2020
Titan's VIP Home Departure Service 11 nights
Titan £2,648.00
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La Belle France

France 10th Jul 2020
Paris 9 nights
Back-Roads Touring £2,114.00
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Moatrek Kotare 4 Day Tour

New Zealand North Island tour Auckland
3 nights Anzcro
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